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How to keep kids busy at home during a lockdown

How to keep kids busy at home during a lockdown

By Linda Miller

February 26th, 2021

Gone are the days when we could take kids out to an indoor playground or a trampoline park every day, to keep them busy and have them expend energy so that they fall asleep at a reasonable hour. During COVID-19, most indoor facilities and gyms we've relied on, are closed. And while in some places outdoor playgrounds are open, sometimes weather does not permit going there.

To make things worse, parents themselves have a lot of work to do, or Zoom meetings to attend to with the Boss.

So how do we keep our kids busy at home during a lockdown? Here are a few good suggestions:

Fun and Educational Activities

Why not find a fun activity for them, that is educational at the same time, so they also learn something?'s program offers a wide variety of fun classes and other educational activities! For example, during the last school break, many kids stayed busy working on projects for our Virtual Science Fair or used the time to learn French!

Watching YouTube Videos

There are many fun and great educational YouTube videos out there. Kids love watching their favorite YouTube celebrity and it can keep them entertained for hours! We do recommend you ask them to watch a combination of educational videos, and those that are just for entertainment purposes.

While many parents don't like their kids in front of a screen too much, sometimes there isn't much choice. But many parents report that kids actually improved social skills and gained a lot of new vocabulary watching videos.

Arts and Crafts

Kids love to draw! Have them work on an art or craft project. offers a wide variety of guided art projects to keep them busy creating their masterpiece!

Musical Instruments

Perhaps, now would be a good time to start learning how to play on a Musical Instrument! Ask the kid what musical instrument they'd like to play on. Piano? Guitar? Drums? (maybe not drums, if you want to keep your sanity...) Playing musical instruments is also done via remote learning nowadays, and also offers some musical instrument classes!

Other Activities

Some other fun activities we recommend to keep them busy:
Decorate their room
Build a Fort
Take Virtual Museum Tours
Take Virtual Underwater Diving Tours
Write a story (or even their own book!)
Use Building Block Toys (such as Legos) to make a statue.

We hope this helped!

How do you keep your kids busy? If you have more ideas for other parents, we would love to hear them on our Facebook Page!