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Virtual Science Fair Contest Rules

Virtual Science Fair Contest Rules

By Shane

November 1st, 2020

Virtual Science Fair Video Contest Rules

Overview of Contest:

Contest theme is: Viruses, Germs, and Bacteria

Students should explore a science topic and then create a video displaying their project while providing an explanation during the video.

Experiments, research studies, demonstrations, and models are all acceptable project formats.

Submissions are due on Wednesday November 25

Eligibility's virtual science fair is open to students in grades Kindergarten through Twelfth grade.


The contest will be separated by grade level:
K-4th grade students are eligible for the Lab Kids category
5th-8th grade students are eligible for the Atomic Kids category
9th-12th grade students are eligible for the Lab Teens category


Theme is: Virus, Germs, and Bacteria. There are endless projects you could do! For example research why you should wash hands with soap, or why you need to wear a mask nowadays.

Note: There are many available online resources to give you and your child Science Fair project ideas. Below is a small list of websites to get you started. Have fun!

Students may either submit an individual project or a group project with up to three siblings

Video length and content

Videos should be at least 2-6 minutes long.

Videos must have science related content, such as biology, chemistry, physics, environmental, life/Earth, and laboratory science. 

Projects must be related to the theme: Virus, Germs, Bacteria. You are welcome to search online for ideas.

The science project may take a variety of forms including experiments, research studies, demonstrations, and models. Students should either demonstrate the experiment or show the results of the experiment while providing an explanation of the project.  

Submission form will be made available on November 20th and you will have up to the end of November 25th to submit your video. Check back here after Nov 20 for link to submission form.


Winners will be announced November 30th on our social media channels. Prizes will be awarded to the to top entries.

Virtual Science Fair Contest Rules

Thank you for participating in the Virtual Science Fair! Good luck to all participants!