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17 February 2023

More Information About the Coding Class

Since rolling out the new coding class last week, we've had many prospective and current parents ask us for more information. The coding class was one of the most requested classes by parents using our homeschool program. The prospect of a coding class ...

11 October 2022

Introducing Our Newest Class, "Minecraft and Roblox Coding (With Scratch)"

We are excited to announce that this week, we will be rolling out our new kids coding class, "Minecraft and Roblox Coding (With Scratch)". This was one of the most requested classes by parents. Coding is a useful skill for kids to practice and improves ...

19 January 2022

Disgusting Science for Kids

Remember the slime craze, when kids were obsessed with slime-making? Even if many of us occasionally find humor in icky situations, for most, a true fascination with yucky stuff is very much a part of growing up, left behind when we enter the adult world.But ...

7 April 2021

Kid Inventor Challenge 2021

Invention is the art of innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and inspiration - all of which we like to encourage here at We are therefore proud to announce the annual Kid Inventor Challenge contest to empower our students to dream ...

1 November 2020

Virtual Science Fair Contest Rules

Virtual Science Fair Video Contest Rules Overview of Contest: Contest theme is: Viruses, Germs, and Bacteria Students should explore a science topic and then create a video displaying their project while providing an explanation during the video. ...