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11 January 2023

Teaching Labels to a Nonverbal Child

If your child has a language delay or is nonverbal, you are probably looking for ways encourage him or her to talk.  You will likely want to start with labels of common objects. When first teaching labels, the best thing to do is start with actual ...

16 February 2022

The Importance of Play in Early Years

It is crucial to make sure a child can sustain play.  When a child plays he or she is building social language, imagination and creativity.  Sustained play will teach a child how to focus on one topic at a time and help develop natural ...

19 January 2022

Disgusting Science for Kids

Remember the slime craze, when kids were obsessed with slime-making? Even if many of us occasionally find humor in icky situations, for most, a true fascination with yucky stuff is very much a part of growing up, left behind when we enter the adult world.But ...

1 November 2021

Getting Kids to Eat Healthy

Did you ever notice after a dinner at home or a party if there is fruit on the table along with all the tempting delicious sweet cakes and cookies that your child will most likely want to select the cakes and cookies to put on their plate? It is so true ...

16 June 2021

The Importance of Teaching Financial Literacy in Schools

We live at a time when nearly half of all Americans do not expect to have enough money to retire comfortably, credit card debt is at its highest point ever, and 40% of Americans would not even be able to afford a $400 emergency expense. It is therefore ...

3 May 2021

Why is it important to learn Spanish as a second language

The teachers and tutors at always encourage parents to have their kids learn a second language at an early age, as it provides for many emotional, social, and cognitive advantages in their development and helps accelerate ...

15 April 2021

Importance of physical activity for kids during pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced many kids to stay at home. School is done remotely through Zoom or through Gone are the days when kids would run from the school bus or from your car to their classroom. Instead, they walk from the ...

26 February 2021

How to keep kids busy at home during a lockdown

Gone are the days when we could take kids out to an indoor playground or a trampoline park every day, to keep them busy and have them expend energy so that they fall asleep at a reasonable hour. During COVID-19, most indoor facilities and gyms we've ...

6 January 2021

Benefits of Learning a Second Language at an early age

Here at, we believe all kids should learn a second language! Learning a second language at an early age contributes to cognitive, social, and emotional development, as well as helps accelerate learning. Many studies show that kids ...