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Importance of physical activity for kids during pandemic

Importance of physical activity for kids during pandemic

By Coach Kyle

April 15th, 2021

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced many kids to stay at home. School is done remotely through Zoom or through Gone are the days when kids would run from the school bus or from your car to their classroom. Instead, they walk from the bed and sit in front of the computer for their online classes. And while your children learn A LOT from's classes, we wanted to take this chance to emphasize the importance of physical activity for kids during this pandemic.

Other than the main reason parents like to keep their kids physically active - which is so that the children can go to bed earlier and parents can have some quiet time - there are many other important reasons why you would want your kids active. Physical activity has been shown to reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases as well as some cancers, and it improves bone health. Regular physical activity also promotes mental health, and helps reduce anxiety and lowers the risk of mood disorders. Some scientific studies have even suggested that exercise also reduces the chance of contracting COVID-19.

But how do you keep your kids physically active during the pandemic? We recommend having them take "brain breaks" and screen breaks and just run laps around the house, jump, climb, and other sorts of exercise that can be done at home.

If possible, it is also recommended taking them outside, while keeping social distancing and mask wearing guidelines of course. A breath of fresh air is always good. If there is a large field you can go to, why not play tag, run around, and have fun. If playgrounds are open and not too crowded, and you feel comfortable taking them there, then that is always a fun source of physical activity.

We know it's a bit harder to keep kids active during the pandemic, but for the reasons mentioned above, it is important! So whether they're jumping around at home or running laps on the grass outside, we hope you can get your kids active every day!