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11 January 2023

Teaching Labels to a Nonverbal Child

If your child has a language delay or is nonverbal, you are probably looking for ways encourage him or her to talk.  You will likely want to start with labels of common objects. When first teaching labels, the best thing to do is start with actual ...

10 June 2022

Fun Ideas for Summer Homeschooling

Let's go over some ideas for fun homeschool classes and educational activities to keep the kids busy during the summer. What's best? These are all included with your Homeschool Pro membership! If you're not yet a member, you can find out more and enroll ...

18 April 2022

New Homeschool Educator ID Card to help Homeschool Parents Take Advantage of Teacher Discounts

To give students access to a wide variety of educational opportunities, supplies, software, and more, many places offer a discount for teachers. But for Homeschool parents, sometimes it can be hard to take advantage of those discounts even though their ...

13 September 2021

Kids Virtual Cooking Class Information

Now, with the new virtual cooking classes offered by, your children can learn how to channel their inner-chef! With online instruction from our skilled teachers, young chefs get to chop, mix and roll their way to a ...

19 July 2021

The Benefits of Martial Arts Training for Kids

Learning Martial Arts can have some great benefits for the young ones! For starters, it's a physical activity that will expend some of their unlimited energy and help them stay healthy and go to bed earlier. But also, training in martial arts will challenge ...

28 June 2021

Reasons for your child to learn Mandarin Chinese

A kid who learns and is fluent in more than one language, and it does not matter what that language is, can enjoy many benefits, including improvement in cognitive, social, and emotional development. The teachers here at ...

19 May 2021

Benefits of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument as a Child

Kids love music, but not just listening to it - they're happy when they're singing and dancing, and they love creating their own music to express themselves. At we are proud to roll out our online musical instrument classes which ...

15 April 2021

Importance of physical activity for kids during pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced many kids to stay at home. School is done remotely through Zoom or through Gone are the days when kids would run from the school bus or from your car to their classroom. Instead, they walk from the ...

26 February 2021

How to keep kids busy at home during a lockdown

Gone are the days when we could take kids out to an indoor playground or a trampoline park every day, to keep them busy and have them expend energy so that they fall asleep at a reasonable hour. During COVID-19, most indoor facilities and gyms we've ...