Introducing JuniorFolio™

Our revolutionary JuniorFolio™ is the digital portfolio for your homeschool to showcase your kid's achievements. Share it with friends and family to make them proud, and use it later in life to gain advantage getting into advanced educational programs!

How It Works

As your kid completes certain milestones while participating in our fun and educational online activities, digital awards will be granted to the learner.
JuniorFolio™ automatically and chronologically organizes this stream of accomplishments for families to cherish and share with the people they want, such as friends and other family members, so that they can witness the amazing progress the young learner has achieved. The portfolio can also be included in certain states where evaluations are required, as well as used later in life to gain advantage when applying to college or other advanced educational programs. Our Homeschool Advisors have helped countless students integrate their digital portfolio into the college student admissions process to gain an advantage over others.
You will also be able to upload certificates and awards from other places such as school clubs etc.

Why JuniorFolio™?

Having such a digital portfolio will make your kids proud of what they have achieved, increase their self-confidence, boost their self-esteem, and set them up for success in life.
Your kid has so many accomplishments, and with JuniorFolio™ they now have a showcase of their achievements!
This is much more meaningful than just a report card or diploma. And remember - don't be shy in showing off their accomplishments, and make them and their loved ones proud!