Membership Features

Feature Description Included
Constantly Updated Young Learners will have fun getting challenged and reaching their maximum potential! We constantly update the modules and add new lessons and materials so that they're never bored!
Diverse Curriculum
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RLS offers a diverse curriculum to inspire the young student and instill traits such as Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Multilingualism. Students gain core content knowledge as well as have the chance to explore and learn outside the core.
Family Membership
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There is no need to purchase more than one membership! A single membership is good for the entire family, so you don't have to spend more money for every sibling!
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Our revolutionary JuniorFolio™ is the digital portfolio for your kids to showcase all their achievements in our school and elsewhere! Share it with friends and family to make them proud, and use it later to gain advantage getting into advanced educational programs!
Student ID Card
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Every student gets a cool digital School ID Card to show off, as well as get student discounts where applicable. Many parents reported saving hundreds of dollars per year by taking advantage of the many student discounts found in many places.
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Learners can participate in all sorts of online contests and activities including virtual science fairs, Halloween costume contest, talent shows, and more!
Kid's Club Membership
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Learners will have the option of participating in a variety of fun online activities
Monthly Magazine
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Students can stay informed about what's going on in the world with our monthly magazine! Your kids can write THEIR OWN ARTICLES to be published in the magazine! Nothing would make the kids, and their parents, more proud.
Press ID Card
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Learners receive a cool press ID card for writing for our monthly magazine.
Offline Activities Loads of printable worksheets and activities for the learner who just can't get enough! Take on the road, or do when you just want to limit their screen time.
Child Safety ID Card
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Every kid gets a printable Child ID Safety Card that can come in handy in all sorts of emergency situations. email address
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Learners can get their own, "kidprofessional" email account! In addition to using it for coursework, they can use it to communicate with their friends and relatives. Plus, the school email address can be used to get student discounts at various online stores, such as discount on educational software and more.
Safety and Privacy All classes are online, so no exposure to COVID-19. No personal information is EVER shared with other parents or learners.
Multi-device Support Complete lessons through a web browser on your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile device.
Access anytime
All lessons and materials are available on our online servers and can be accessed anytime, including evenings and weekends!
Unique Perks and Bonuses We partner with major retailers to bring you exclusive deals and discounts, as well as get you all sorts of bonuses and freebies for your kids!
100% Money-Back Guarantee We take tremendous pride in the value our program provides to young learners. If, after 30 days of trying the program you decide you are not satisfied, we will refund you 100% of your money back, no fine print and no questions asked