Kids Are The Best Explorers In The World

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Online Learning

All lessons are done online. Learners can log in at any time of the day, from any location, and take the classes on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Educational, Yet Fun!

Not all education has to be boring for kids! Classes feature themes kids like and can relate to such as superheroes, ninjas, princesses, gaming, and more! Your kids can also choose to join our Kid's Club, Roblox Group, and participate in other events such as guest appearances by celebrity YouTubers!

Flexible and Powerful Education

Our unique level system lets kids advance and explore increasingly challenging topics, to unlock their full potential!

Wide Range of Subjects

Reading, Math, Science, Chemistry, Coding, Animals, Social Studies, art, and even musical instruments such as guitar and piano, and second language programs such as Spanish!

Welcome to the Kids Remote Learning school

COVID-19 has forced many schools to switch to online learning. But most schools have not had enough time to fully prepare for the change, resulting in inefficient teaching methods, with kids being bored and not learning much after sitting in front of their laptop for several hours.

Furthermore, it's next to impossible giving a kid the individual attention they deserve in that busy online classroom, letting some fall behind and others not utilize their full potential.

At our remote learning school, kids will have a chance to actually learn and advance, taking advantage of their maximum potential.

Latest News
10/27/20: Everyone is invited to connect with us on our new social media channels, parents of current and prospective students alike! Click on the icon below and follow us on your favorite social media outlet!

10/20/20: The Online Halloween Costume Contest is now open for submissions! Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 entries. Check your parent portal for more details.
10/03/20: Parents who signed up before 09/30/2020, check your emails for the learner enrollment form which will be used to register all learners in your family. If you cannot locate the email or need any help, email us at
09/04/20: Thanks for all the submissions to our magazine so far! We emailed an awesome printable Press ID Card to every kid who submitted an entry! They deserve it, and we hope it makes them proud and encourages them to keep writing! We are still accepting submissions for the first volume so keep them coming!

08/18/20: Enrolled families are welcome to submit creative work from their young writers, to be published in our weekly magazine. More details here.
08/08/20: Introducing JuniorFolio™, the revolutionary digital portfolio for your kids to showcase all their accomplishments for families to cherish and share with the people they want. JuniorFolio™ is included with your membership at no extra cost. (more info)

Our Goal

Our goal is to enhance and encourage learning and development and maximize the education of every child, while aiding them in achieving their highest personal potential through a remote learning program.

Our lessons are best suited for kids ages 5-14, although learners younger or older are welcome to enroll as well. Many parents use our program to supplement their kid's regular school routine, while others use it as part of a homeschooling curriculum.

What We Offer

School ID Card

Learners receive a digital student ID card, which can be used for many student discounts, alternative form of identification, proof of enrollment, and more. We partner with major retailers that will offer exclusive discounts to bearers of our student ID card.


Our revolutionary JuniorFolio™ is your kid's digital portfolio to showcase all their accomplishments. Share it with friends and family to make them proud, and use it later in life to gain advantage getting into advanced educational programs!

Challenging, Fun, and Educational

Young Learners will have fun getting challenged and reaching their maximum potential! We will be constantly updating the modules and adding new lessons and materials so that they're never bored!

Extracurricular Activities

Learners can choose to participate in all sorts of fun activities such as join the kid's club, gaming clans, Roblox group, and write for our school magazine.
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@RemoteLearning email address

Membership includes a free email address for each learner with 100mb of storage, strong spam and privacy protections, as well as parental monitors.

Unique Perks and Bonuses

We partner with major retailers to bring you exclusive deals and discounts, as well as get you all sorts of bonuses and freebies for your kids!

Safety And Privacy

All classes are online, so no exposure to COVID-19. No personal information is EVER shared with other parents or learners.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We take tremendous pride in the value our program provides to young learners. If, after 30 days of trying the program you decide you are not satisfied, we will refund you 100% of your money back, no fine print and no questions asked!

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Helping Your Child Succeed

Our online classes challenges young learners in fun and exciting ways, encouraging them to learn more and achieve their full potential.

Lesson Subjects

Our lessons let young learners explore a wide variety of subjects.

Reading, Writing, and Math

Reading, Writing, and Math are core fundamentals of your kid's education. Our lessons will help young learners think critically in reading, solve mathematical word problems, improve writing skills, and build vocabulary.


Young learners will uncover the dynamic power and potential of STEM subjects through projects featuring robotics, experimental design, engineering, computer coding, Minecraft

Arts, Crafts, and Musical Instruments

Learning is not all about words and numbers! Our art, craft, musical instrument lessons and others will inspire your learner's creativity.

More Subjects

Kids are the best explorers in the world! And our lessons will allow them to explore a wide variety of subjects. History, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, and more - which ones will your learner want to embrace?

Fun and Educational Experience

Your learners will have fun learning and unlocking their full potential, making you proud of them!

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Our Pricing

Our program offers tremendous value for young learners, and is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee


$20.00 / LIFETIME!

✓ No Monthly Fees!
✓ Includes All Siblings
✓ LIFETIME Membership

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. Includes Access to all lessons, JuniorFolio™, Kid's Club, Homework Help, and everything else. One-time fee, no other charges, ever. Valid for the ENTIRE FAMILY! Backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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One month of full access to all lessons, Kid's Club, and everything else.


$35.00 / mo

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6 months of full access to all lessons, Kid's Club, and everything else.


$90.00 / 6mos

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One year of full access to all lessons, Kid's Club, and everything else.


$120.00 / 12mos

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