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19 April 2022

More Information About the Coding Class

Since rolling out the new coding class last week, we've had many prospective and current parents ask us for more information. The coding class was one of the most requested classes by parents using our homeschool program. The prospect of a coding class ...

2 April 2022

Introducing Our Newest Class, "Minecraft and Roblox Coding (With Scratch)"

We are excited to announce that this week, we will be rolling out our new kids coding class, "Minecraft and Roblox Coding (With Scratch)". This was one of the most requested classes by parents. Coding is a useful skill for kids to practice and improves ...

1 March 2022

New Homeschool Educator ID Card to help Homeschool Parents Take Advantage of Teacher Discounts

To give students access to a wide variety of educational opportunities, supplies, software, and more, many places offer a discount for teachers. But for Homeschool parents, sometimes it can be hard to take advantage of those discounts even though their ...