More Activities

Our program includes many more educational and fun activities to keep learners engaged!

School Magazine


Learners can stay informed about what's going on in the world with our monthly magazine! Your kids can write THEIR OWN ARTICLES to be published in the magazine! Nothing would make the learners, and their parents, more proud. All young reporters receive a Press ID!

Fun Challenges


New challenges and puzzles every week for kids of all ages to attempt. These are sure to challenge the young learner's thinking skills! From solving riddles to cracking codes, these will be a fun way to sharpen those young growing minds!

Kid's Club


Learners can choose to participate in our Kid's Club for online social and gaming activities! Be a part of the school's gaming clans, Roblox group, hobby clubs, and more! We are also planning appearances by celebrity YouTubers!

Online Contests


Kids can choose to submit entries to a variety of fun contests and competitions - such as our online Halloween Costume Contest and Virtual Talent Shows. Kids will have fun and win great prizes, so don't miss out!

Virtual Science Fair


Keep your young learner's creative curiosity and critical thinking going by taking part in our Virtual Science Fair. While kids take the lead as the project team captains, families are encouraged to work together, be safe and have fun.

Exclusive Discounts


We partner with major retailers to bring you exclusive deals and discounts, so that you can save money on products parents and kids love! We will also work to get you all sorts of bonuses and freebies for your kids!