The Kids Ledger

The only magazine written by Homeschoolers!

All young reporters will receive an awesome Press ID Card!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Kids Ledger?
The Kids Ledger is a monthly magazine written by homeschoolers.

What is the difference between The Kids Ledger and other kids' magazines?
Other kids' magazines are written FOR kids. The Kids Ledger is written BY the kids! And not only that, it is written by Homeschool kids!

Why write for The Kids Ledger?
Writing for our magazine is a great way for your homeschooler to exercise their creativity and to strengthen their writing skills. Plus, seeing their work published will motivate them to write more and make your whole family proud, as well as go in their portfolio of achievements to help them in the future. Parents have also reported to us that this helped engage and inspire even their most reluctant writers into doing a lot more writing! The Magazine Editor may also give them feedback to further enhance their written composition and communication skills.

What are some cool perks to writing for The Kids Ledger?
All kids who submit an entry to the magazine will be awarded a Press ID Card, as well as a JuniorFolio™ certificate to add to their digital portfolio.

What kind of entries are accepted?
All types of entries are accepted including news articles, essays, personal stories, poems, songs, short stories, and one-act plays

What is the minimum age to submit an entry?
There are no age restrictions. If your kid can write, then they are welcome to submit!

Who can write for The Kids Ledger?
Any kids of families enrolled in our Homeschool Pro™ program are welcome to submit an entry to The Kids Ledger

What is Homeschool Pro™?
Homeschool Pro™ is an online homeschool curriculum that can be used as a full curriculum or as a supplement, and gives the students access to hundreds of classes and electives as well as other tools to help families with their homeschooling journey, including a Student and Home Educator IDs for student/teacher discounts, a dedicated homeschool advisor, a digital portfolio, and much more. Find out more details here.

My kid is not enrolled in your programs, can they still submit an article?
Due to the number of submissions we receive, we limit the entries to kids enrolled in our program. When you enroll in Homeschool Pro™ , your kids get unlimited access to hundreds of our highly acclaimed classes, which can be used as a main curriculum or as a supplement to any curriculum you are already using to ensure they get the best education and future, which is what Homeschool Pro™ is all about!

Can my kid submit more than one entry?
Sure! But depending on the number of submissions for a given month, additional entries may be rolled over to the next issue.

Can two or more siblings work together on an entry?
Yes, all kids in the family can collaborate on a single entry if they'd like. Credit and Press ID will be given to all of them.

When is the deadline to submit an entry?
The deadline is 23:59 EST on the 15th of every month to submit an entry for the next month's issue. For example, to submit an entry for June's issue of The Kids Ledger, submit anytime between April 16th and May 15th. Submissions received after the deadline will roll over to the following issue.

A new issue is released on the 5th of every month.

Can the parents write for The Kids Ledger?
No, sorry. This magazine belongs to the kids!

Is this a print magazine or a digital magazine?
To keep program costs low, this is a digital magazine only, delivered via electronic format. But you are welcome to print the magazine at home and distribute to family and friends, so they can read your kid's article!

Where can I find the current issue?
The current issue can be downloaded from the Parent Portal.

Why wasn't my kid's article published?
The most common reason is that a parent/guardian did not sign the Release of Information form that would allow us to publish the article along with the child's name. The only information we publish is Name, Age, and Town/State. If you missed the deadline for the current issue, the article will be published in the next issue once the form is signed electronically.

Who owns the copyright to the article?
Your kid retains all rights to the piece they wrote. However, by submitting an article you consent to us publishing it in the magazine along with any necessary edits as deemed required by our editor.