School Email for
Homeschooled Kids

Homeschool Pro™ includes a free email address for each student.

Now, homeschoolers can have a school email address. All kids receive their own, "kidprofessional" email! For example ""
Emails are protected by powerful anti-spam software, parental monitors, and other safeguards.
The school email account can also be used at many online retailers and educational websites to verify student status in order to receive student discounts on software, educational products, and much more.
Of course, it is up to the parents to decide whether or not the young learner is ready to have their own email address, so this is an optional feature and you can choose not to let them use it themselves. You can still use it just to verify their student status and get the educational discounts.
If your young learner is getting their first email address, then this would be the perfect start as they learn to use e-mail to for example communicate with their grandparents and friends. Loved family members enjoy receiving emails to keep in touch with their little buddies and see how they are doing! If they already have their own email address, they could still take pride in switching to the more unique one!