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New Homeschool Educator ID Card to help Homeschool Parents Take Advantage of Teacher Discounts

New Homeschool Educator ID Card to help Homeschool Parents Take Advantage of Teacher Discounts

By Linda Miller

April 18th, 2022

To give students access to a wide variety of educational opportunities, supplies, software, and more, many places offer a discount for teachers. But for Homeschool parents, sometimes it can be hard to take advantage of those discounts even though their kids would greatly benefit from the various educational activities, and spending money on all the educational items can quickly add up and take a strain on any Homeschool budget.

As such, RemoteLearning.School is now introducing our new Home Educator ID Card which will help recognize parents get the teacher discounts they deserve. The ID is available for free upon request, to all parents enrolled in our Homeschool Pro program.

We issued the Home Educator ID card for pilot use to parents of students participating in our Youth Advisory Board and other early adopters, who reported the card was accepted many times for educator discounts at places such as Museums and other Field Trips, Bookstores, supply stores, and art and craft stores, software, and much more, letting them save hundreds of dollars. You can also use it whenever a business offers "Teacher Appreciation Day", for example parents used the card succesfully in October to get a free breakfast from McDonald's (Thank you!). Check with a specific retailer whether they offer teacher discounts and whether they will accept a homeschool card.

You can choose from one of two card styles, Classic (Blue) or Elegant (Red).

The card is a digital card issued upon request to any parents enrolled in Homeschool Pro™. Homeschool Pro grants access to a full homeschool curriculum with hundreds of classes and electives, and offers many other features to help students succeed such as online extracurriculars, a digital portfolio, and more. The money spent from discounts obtained with the student ID card and the new Home Educator ID Card has the membership pay for itself! See here for more info on the Homeschool Pro program and to enroll online.


How do I get the Home Educator ID Card?

The card is available as part of the Homeschool Pro program. See instructions in parent portal on how you can request one.

How do I use the card?

Just load it on your RLS account in your smartphone and present it in any place offering teacher discounts for educators, such as museums, parks, student supply stores, arts and crafts stores, and more.

Will the card be accepted for educator discount?

In our pilot program, in which a few select parents participated, the card was accepted more often than not! It depends on the business though, some places might not accept homeschool cards, while others may only give discounts to Public school teachers. Some places may also only extend the discount to a teacher buying for  large quantity of students. Never hurts to ask though! With Homeschooling growing across the USA, more and more retailers are now accepting these. Feel free to share in our forums places where the card was accepted.

How much can I save?

In our pilot program which ran for 3 months, parents reported saving up to $200 in that short period of time, on various supplies and activities. That basically has the Homeschool Pro membership pay for itself :) You can probably save hundreds of dollars per year using the card.

Can I use the card online?

Yes, some parents used it successfully to get an educator discount on educational software for their kids and on other supplies online. For online retailers they will usually require that you upload your Home Educator ID card to get verified, and you can save a lot on important software!

What's the difference between using this and the student ID card?

The Student ID Card which we have been issuing to students has also been great for giving homeschool students access to students discounts, and parents have also been saving a lot. Some places give discounts to educators and not students (and vice versa) so having this card is another opportunity to get access to educational discounts.

Is it a digital card?

Yes, just load it on your account and show it on your smartphone. Our digital cards have been accepted nationally for discounts

Can both parents get the card?

Yes, any parent/guardian who is administering the homeschool education to their kids can request one.

I have more questions

Just contact us and we will be happy to help!