Youth Advisory Board

Jeramy Tellez

I like to play soccer, and study math. I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up.

Daniel Crawley

I love to draw, and play video games. I hope to one day become a video game designer.

William Woodward

I want to be a Firefighter - it runs in my family, both my father and my grandfather were firefighters! Want to help save lives.

Bria Mason

I want to be a teacher, so I can make an impact on kids' education.

Christian Sornson

Am good at making people laugh, all my friends tell me I'm funny - I think I want to be a stand-up comic and cheer people up.

Addison Lynn

I love science, and my ambition is to be either a chemist or biologist and engage in scientific research that would help improve the quality of human life.

The Youth Advisory Board's (YAB) purpose is to brainstorm, advise, and contribute their voices to ensure our program is driven by the priorities of young people, highlight areas for growth, and identify needs for improvement. Students get a chance to be involved and weigh in directly in order to continually improve our program for all students and parents. The YAB convenes remotely once a month, and reports to the Student Liaison Officer, who in turn submits its findings to the Program Coordinator.