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Benefits of playing chess for kids

Benefits of playing chess for kids

By Rolf Simms

May 11th, 2022

Chess is one of the ancient mind games, and it has a lot to offer to children. As many already know, Chess is not about the pieces or pawns. It is more about planning, strategy, foreseeing consequences, time management, and making the right decisions at the right time.

Research has shown a strong correlation between learning chess and academic excellence. A landmark study in 2000 found that students who were experienced in chess scored significantly higher in their academics.

As a child learns chess, he/she begins to see the importance of thinking ahead, figuring out what their opponent might do next and what their alternatives are too. This ability to visualize, analyze and anticipate outcomes improves their lifestyle and their decisions.

Among the many reasons why your kid should learn chess are –

1. Makes their mind sharp, alert and active

2. Improves their memory power and intelligence

3. Increases their patience

4. Improves their concentration

5. Develops their ability to predict and foresee future consequences

6. Teaches them efficient time management, stability, logical thinking, planning, strategy, implementation, and problem-solving.

For kids interested in learning chess, RLS now offers an online chess class. No experience necessary as we start with all the basic concepts such as how to set up the board and how each piece moves, and then progressing towards more advanced concepts. This class is open to all students who are interested.