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Welcome All Future Piano Players to Our New "Learn How To Play Piano" Online Class

Welcome All Future Piano Players to Our New

By Rolf Simms

November 17th, 2021

Does your kid dream of being a piano player? But, perhaps because of COVID, or perhaps because of the busy life we otherwise have, there was no opportunity for them to take piano lessons? Well now is the chance, with's new Online Piano Class.

This class is open to all RLS students who wish to learn how to play the piano. Little or no experience is required as the course starts with training in basic skills, as it moves on to intermediate and more advanced basic concepts using a clear and simple approach.

When your child takes the piano classes offered by, they will be introduced to powerful playing methods which are the result of centuries long work of many world-famous masters and their concepts. 

Among others, the methods originate from F. Chopin, F. Liszt, H. Neuhaus, Walter Gieseking, Karl Leimer, analysis of many active pianists and also cover contemporary research on the subject of piano playing, including knowledge from brain imaging, improvisation and human anatomy.

Your child will advance through the lessons with a professional teacher and his or her dream of playing piano will start to come true.

The best time to join and start fulfilling their dream of playing the piano is now! Now is the only thing we ever have, and postponing just takes away the opportunity. Make a decision and see their life change as they master this wonderful musical instrument.

-Rolf Simms
Piano Instructor at RLS