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Virtual Online Soccer Class

Virtual Online Soccer Class

By Coach Kyle

May 27th, 2021 is rolling out a series of virtual sports classes, with the first one being one of children's all-time favorites, soccer!

In a different article, we discussed the importance of physical activity during the pandemic. And, to help with getting the little learners on their feet, we are introducing online sports and physical activities classes that can be taken safely at home or outside at your backyard.

In our online soccer class, Your children will learn how to do all the core soccer moves such as dribbling, passing, defense and shooting goals. They will be introduced to concepts of small-sided soccer matches. Our soccer class, just like the rest of the virtual sports classes we will offer, builds confidence and promotes physical development, helping young kids develop their motor skills.

Recommended Space

We recommend that your kid participates in a minimum a 10' x 10' space with a good Wi-Fi connection. Could be a living room, empty garage, or a front yard/backyard.

Recommended Ball Size

We recommend the following ball size depending on the kid's age:

• Ages 5-7: Size 3   (23"-24")

• Ages 8-11: Size 4   (25"-26")

• Ages 12-16: Size 5   (27"-28" Adult size)


But if you don't have a soccer ball at home, just improvise with a toilet roll or whatever you can find!


Some skills your child will learn on the first virtual online soccer class:

  • Toe taps on top of the ball
  • Toe taps side to side
  • Drag sidestep
  • Step overs/scissors
  • One kick and catch
  • Kick ups no bounce
  • Cruyff Turn


This class is open for kids of all ages and is included with your membership. Your young ones will have fun learning all the soccer moves and get to expend some energy while doing some fun physical activity.


So don't wait, enroll in's program today to give your kids access to this and to all of our other great classes!