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Coach Kyle

Hello, I am Coach Kyle, and I am in charge of the sports and fitness program at

My goal is to help the kids stay fit and healthy while having fun at the same time!

I also write sports related articles for the school's blog.

19 July 2021

The Benefits of Martial Arts Training for Kids

Learning Martial Arts can have some great benefits for the young ones! For starters, it's a physical activity that will expend some of their unlimited energy and help them stay healthy and go to bed earlier. But also, training in martial arts will challenge ...

27 May 2021

Virtual Online Soccer Class is rolling out a series of virtual sports classes, with the first one being one of children's all-time favorites, soccer! In a different article, we discussed the importance of physical activity during the pandemic. And, to help with getting the ...

15 April 2021

Importance of physical activity for kids during pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced many kids to stay at home. School is done remotely through Zoom or through Gone are the days when kids would run from the school bus or from your car to their classroom. Instead, they walk from the ...