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Introducing Our Newest Class, "Minecraft and Roblox Coding (With Scratch)"

Introducing Our Newest Class,

By Martin Woods

July 5th, 2022

We are excited to announce that this week, we will be rolling out our new kids coding class, "Minecraft and Roblox Coding (With Scratch)". This was one of the most requested classes by parents.

Coding is a useful skill for kids to practice and improves problem-solving, critical thinking skills, math skills, and much more. It’s also an extremely creative and fun activity, and mastering coding skills will make them (and you) proud and improve self-confidence. And needless to say, computer programming is a very practical and desirable skill to have nowadays!

The class will start by teaching your kids the fundamentals of coding and introduce them to the Scratch programming language, where they will dive into coding their own first computer program in no time! They will code some very basic programs to get the hang of it, and continue their journey to further sharpen their coding skills, gradually learning to write some more advanced code. Scratch is an easy computer programming language to learn for kids of all ages. In no time, they will be making their first simple game using Scratch.

They will then build up upon that foundation to create code for the games they love most, Roblox and Minecraft-

The class branches into Roblox coding and Minecraft Coding, and students can learn both if they want!

In the Roblox coding units, kids will learn how to make their own Roblox game! All while fostering their creativity and engaging in real-world computer programming practices.

In the Minecraft coding units, students will use the power of coding to create a world in Minecraft never seen before! They will learn how to concentrate on logic and computational thinking to build advanced programming algorithms that tie in with the world of Minecraft. Students will get to mod Minecraft, create stories, build mini-games, reconstruct buildings, and turn blocks into gold!

No prior coding experience required. And even if your kids don't play Minecraft or Roblox, they can take only the Scratch units if they want and learn to code without Minecraft/Roblox.

Class is recommended for ages 9 and up, although younger kids can also attempt and benefit from some of the early modules.

For those Homeschooling, these classes can also be used to satisfy Science, STEM, and other elective credits if required by your state.

If you have not joined yet you are welcome to join thousands of other satisfied parents with our online Homeschool and Afterschool programs. Take advantage of our limited time introductory pricing and enroll today.

Are there any other fees for this?
No! This class is included in your plan, whether you are using Afterschool Plus or Homeschool Pro. Class will be added to students' dashboard automatically as it releases, no further action is required.

When will class show up on our kid's dashboard?
Class should roll out by the end of this week.

What age is this class for?
Class is recommended for ages 9 and above, although younger kids can perhaps benefit from the early modules of the class.

Is any programming experience required?
No, we will introduce programming skills gradually so that anyone can learn even if they have never coded in the past. If they do have some experience, they can just mark any lessons with materials they already know as "Complete" and advance to the next modules.

Is this live or pre-recorded?
As with all our classes, the coding class is pre-recorded and students can take it at their own schedule and pace, no need to commit to a schedule and the classes can be watched as many times as they want, as well as paused and re-wound to help with the learning process.

My kids are not interested in Minecraft or Roblox. Will this class still benefit them?
Yes! Class covers a lot of Scratch, which is an easy to learn programming language that helps build the foundation of coding. In no time, they will be making their own games in Scratch!

Do I need to purchase any materials or software?
No, class will use a variety of free resources, such as Scratch.

What are the hardware requirements?
Scratch can be used on any internet-connected device such including a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. We recommend using a bigger screen such as a tablet, laptop, or desktop, rather than on a phone. For Roblox and Minecraft coding we recommend it be done on a laptop or a desktop.

What are the benefits of teaching kids to code?
Coding can help to improve math skills. In fact, students who learn to code are more likely to have an increase in their overall academic performance! Coding gives form to abstract mathematical concepts so that they better understand them, apply math to real world situations, and make math fun. Coding also improves creativity (for example as they create their own video games), encourages persistence, and much more. And of course, coding is a practical skill to have careerwise.

Are there more coding classes planned?
Yes, we have more coding classes coming soon, including Python, C, Javascript, and more. All classes are included with your membership.

What's the cost?
As stated above, this class is part of our Afterschool Plus and Homeschool Pro program, which gives your kids unlimited access to all our classes. Our classes are very affordable and our curriculum can be used as a standalone or to supplement any other curriculum (for example if you just want to add classes such as ASL or Coding). We are currently offering limited time introductory pricing. For example our Homeschool Pro™ plan is priced at only $31/mo, which gives students full access to this and all of our other classes. We also offer an annual plan and a lifetime membership option. You can see the current pricing here:

As always, if you have any other questions, feel free to send us a message or contact us through our website. Happy coding!