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The world's kids are learning Korean and singing along to their favorite K-Pop songs

The world's kids are learning Korean and singing along to their favorite K-Pop songs

By Ye-jun

August 24th, 2021

Kids can now channel their inner K-Pop star by learning Korean singing along to their favorite K-Pop songs! K-Pop, also known as Korean Pop Music, is a genre of music that is extremely popular with the young ones, and has been taking over the world. While very popular with teens, we've heard of kids as little as 6 or 7 who like to dance to popular Kpop groups such as Blackpink and BTS.

Here at we like to take advantage of kids' passions to advance their education. We are always happy to get them excited and passionate about their learning, as we convert all that energy and enthusiasm to help them flourish. So we figured we'd seize the opportunity and launch our "Learn Korean with Kpop" course to introduce them to a second language that will make them dance.

Some parents may be thinking, why Korean? Why would I want my kids to learn Korean just because of some stupid pop song? And it's a valid question! Which we will answer.

First off, learning a second language, and it does not matter which, has enormous positive impact on all aspects of the kid's development. The brain benefits tremendously as many of its areas are stimulated while learning the second language, improving intelligence, memory, focus, concentration and many other cognitive abilities. Kids who learn a second language also develop improved problem-solving, critical thinking, and listening skills. At the same time, learning a second language also contributes to lowered risks of dementia and Alzheimer's in the future. Since this is a school blog rather than a scientific journal, we won't go into all the research and evidence, but we encourage all parents to google terms such as "benefits of learning a second language" to find a plethora of articles and research on this subject.

Another well-researched fact is that children have a much easier time learning a second language. It's like their brain was made for this. It is often very easy for them to pick up a second and even a third language. Some parents worry that introducing a new language will interfere with their primary language - but on the contrary, studies have shown that it actually strengthens their mother language.

In addition to cognitive benefits, learning a second language also opens a variety of doors and opportunities, academic and career wise. But why Korean? True we also offer Spanish, French, and even Chinese courses which may seem like more useful languages to learn. Well, those are all fine choices too! But we see the best results when kids are really passionate about something. Many kids will be stubborn and not interested in learning a second language, since they do not realize yet how fun and rewarding it is to learn a second language and the benefits that comes with it. But if you mention K-Pop to them, they might jump on this opportunity for a chance to understand the lyrics of their favorite songs!

But in addition to some singing fun, learning Korean will give your kids access to the language of one of the most innovative countries in the world. Bloomberg rated Korea as the top 5 innovative economies, and many other reports place Korea as one of the top powerhouse economies. There are also over 70 million native Korean speakers worldwide. Without a doubt, learning Korean, also opens up many career opportunities for the future. It's also a nice language to have in your repertoire when applying for college, and can make your kid stand out from other applicants. Either way, in today's competitive market, this is one language that will open many doors for your kids.

Korean is also one of the easier languages to learn. It's alphabet, called "Hangul", has only 24 letters which is already less than the 26 in the English alphabet. Pronunciation and grammar are also less complicated than other languages.

So, is your kid ready to jump in? Our new "Learn Korean with Kpop" course has just rolled out and is open to all enrolled and interested students. We start by learning the Hangul alphabet as we progress to more sophisticated words and grammar, and we strive to make the course easy and fun, and of course, use K-pop so that they can truly have an awesome time learning this language.

Interested in this class and in the hundreds of other classes we offer to advance your kid's education? Enroll today. Visit for more info.