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Why is it important to learn Spanish as a second language

Why is it important to learn Spanish as a second language

By Sylvia

May 3rd, 2021

The teachers and tutors at always encourage parents to have their kids learn a second language at an early age, as it provides for many emotional, social, and cognitive advantages in their development and helps accelerate learning. Our school offers a choice of several languages to choose from, including Spanish and French, with more to come. What second (or even third) language is your kid interested in learning?


In a previous article, we focused on the benefits of learning the French language. In this article, we will focus on Spanish.

One main reason to learn this language is that Spanish is one of the most common languages spoken around the world! Over 400 million people speak Spanish globally. Even in the U.S., you probably have encountered a lot of people who speak Spanish. Learning Spanish will open up many career opportunities as companies see knowledge of such a language as an asset that can help communicate with Spanish people domestically as well as in international trade activity with companies based in Spanish countries.

Other than being spoken basically everywhere, Spanish is a relatively easy language to learn, so often it's a good choice for a "First" second language. Spanish, when reading, is very phonetic and by looking at a word you can infer how it is pronounced. Spanish grammar is often straightforward too and a lot of the language's vocabulary is similar to English.

Spanish also shares many similarities with French, and many choose to learn both Spanish and French at the same time. offers courses for both languages, so consider the possibility of your kids taking them simultaneously. We are very proud to have many children starting to speak both Spanish and French fluently!

We encourage all students to start learning a second language early, but it's never too late to begin. And if you're looking at different languages to choose from, Spanish is one of the best choices to start your kid on!