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Online Trumpet Course Information

Online Trumpet Course Information

By Martin Woods

July 1st, 2021 has recently introduced the Online Trumpet Class, part of its musical instrument courses curriculum. The course is open to all enrolled students. Learning to play a musical instrument as a child has a lot of benefits, and trumpet is one of the many musical instrument courses we offer.

Class Description

"Trumpet is used in a wide variety of music settings including orchestras, military bands, jazz and pop. It has the highest register in the brass family. We overview the instrument and start at the basics, gradually advancing towards trumpet mastery.

Who Should Take It

Any kid who is interested in learning the trumpet! The trumpet is a very fun instrument to play and your kid will enjoy being in the spotlight.

Generally, a brass instrument as the trumpet is recommended for Late Elementary/Middle School and above, although can be earlier, depending on if your kid is physically able to hold up such instrument. Bear in mind, if your kid is younger than 9-10 years old, the trumpet might be a bit heavy for him to hold.


Of course, if your child is to participate in this course, they would need a trumpet to get the most out of it. Trumpets can be expensive, but they are a good investment. We suggest starting with a beginner trumpet, it can cost between $100-$200, try one that has good 5-star reviews on Amazon. For a starter trumpet, we recommend the Mendini by Cecilio Brass Bb Trumpet which is reasonably priced (around $120 at the time of writing this article), has good reviews, and also comes with a case.


Of course, one of the most important factors to consider when deciding to take this course, is if your kid wants to play the trumpet. In terms of popularity, the Guitar is one of the more popular musical instruments for kids to play, and we also offer acoustic guitar lessons and electric guitar lessons, if that's where their passion lays.

Piano, Violin, and Drums are also amongst the more popular instruments to learn, and we plan on offering classes for those too, and more instruments.

The trumpet is fairly popular, but not amongst the top ones in popularity. We think that the Trumpet is a very cool instrument to learn! In fairy tales, the trumpeter announces the arrival of the king or princesses. In marching bands, the trumpets make some of the more powerful tunes. Many bands incorporate the trumpet into their songs. And of course, there are the famous trumpeters of our time such as Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie. For the younger audience, we recommend they listen to Alison Balsom for some inspiration.

In conclusion, the trumpet is an awesome instrument for a kid to learn, and should your child choose it as their instrument we are sure they will enjoy playing it for life and won't regret it. See you at our online trumpet course!