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Homeschool Pro Virtual Talent Show 2022/23

Homeschool Pro Virtual Talent Show 2022/23

June 26th, 2023

🎈🎉 The moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here! 🎉🎈

We're beyond excited to announce the results of our Homeschool Virtual Talent Show! Our homeschool community, with participants from all corners of the world and across the age spectrum, delivered a staggering 71 submissions, each entry a testament to the passion, talent, and creativity that's so abundant among our students.

Each act was unique, with talents that spanned a broad spectrum of disciplines and styles. After thorough deliberation, our panel of judges has selected 12 remarkable acts to grace the virtual stage of our Talent Show. Their performances captivated us, reflecting the diverse talents and creativity within the Homeschool Pro community.

Each of these chosen acts will receive a $20 Amazon gift card as a token of our admiration for their dedication and talent. A big round of applause for these performers!

A heartfelt thank you to each and every participant who took a leap of faith to share their unique talents with us. We saw performers as young as four and as old as seventeen, all sharing their passions with creativity and confidence that left us in awe. Each of you is a shining star in our Homeschool Pro galaxy!

And now, it's showtime! Get ready to be dazzled by our talented homeschoolers in the official Homeschool Pro Virtual Talent Show video. As you watch these performances, we invite you to hit the "like" button as a show of support for these talented stars. Your "likes" are applause in the digital world, a pat on the back to these performers who have worked hard to share their talents with us all.

So let's spread the love and cheer them on. Homeschool Pro - where passion meets talent, and the world
becomes our stage!

Watch, enjoy, and don't forget to like the video!
🎥 Link to the video:

List of acts:

"Stand-up Comedy Show" by Ben (6) and Jacob (5) Bennett from Rochester NY
"Juggling and Unicycle" by Damijan Prelec, 15, from Slovenia
"Farmer" by Riddian Green, 8, from New Brunswick, Canada
"Stop Motion Movie" by Landen Howell, 16, from Munfordville, KY
"For Whom The Bell Tolls", by Taylor S (and band), 13, from Garner NC
"Into the Unknown", by Athena Green, 4, from New Brunswick, Canada
"Moving Day" by Syler Green, 11, from New Brunswick, Canada
"Art" by Aspen Everett, 11, from Chattanooga, TN
"Owl Call" by Kieran Carter, 13, from Huntington Beach, CA
"Hunter's Cafe" by Hunter Green, 14, from New Brunswick, Canada
"The Lucky Pen" by Atalee Howell, 12, from Munfordville, KY
"Uprising" by Mason Chandler, 4, from Canyon Lake TX