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Kid Inventor Challenge 2021

Kid Inventor Challenge 2021

By Martin Woods

April 7th, 2021

Invention is the art of innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and inspiration - all of which we like to encourage here at We are therefore proud to announce the annual Kid Inventor Challenge contest to empower our students to dream up their own inventions that solve a problem in their communities, all while having fun engaging in this rewarding and creative process!

The Challenge will be open through Monday, May 31 and entries can be submitted at any time, the form to submit your kid's entry will be made available at the beginning of March, but there will be plenty of time for the young engineer to work on, and develop their invention! Inventing is an ongoing process involving collaboration, empathy towards problems and needs, and continuous iteration of (playing with) ideas.

And while this is a contest of sorts, we want to emphasize that this Challenge is not about winning, but about  finding some problems to solve, being creative, and most of all, HAVING FUN! All participants will get a special "Young Inventor" certificate to add to their JuniorFolio™, while the best ideas will also win some cool prizes!

The challenge will accompany our Young Inventor Class, which over the course of the next few months will teach about all aspects of inventing including learning about famous inventors, patents, innovation, and more.

There will be four entry categories, based on student grade:

Louis Pasteur Prize - Pre-K to 2nd Grade
Alessandro Volta Prize - 3rd Grade to Fifth Grade
Thomas Edison Prize - Grades 6-8
Leonardo Da Vinci Prize - Grades 9-12

As mentioned above, ALL participants will receive a JuniorFolio™ certificate. Top entries in each category will also receive some cool prizes (to be announced) and a letter of recognition from

Submissions will be in form of a video from the student showcasing his or her invention. Students will present their invention, explain what it does and what problem it solves, share any ideas, sketches, and prototypes, and anything else to realize their visions! Recommended length for video is 3 minutes. More details will be given on the submission form.

Entries will be judged using the following Criteria: Originality, Creativity, Usefulness, Design, Inspiration, and Presentation.

Your child does not have to build a complex Robot to participate or win this challenge - sometimes the simplest ideas that solve every-day problems can be innovative! Though if they want to build that robot, by all means, let them!

This challenge is open to all students, and we look forward to everybody's participation. Refer any questions about the challenge by email to