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Getting Kids to Eat Healthy

Getting Kids to Eat Healthy

By Linda Miller

November 1st, 2021

Did you ever notice after a dinner at home or a party if there is fruit on the table along with all the tempting delicious sweet cakes and cookies that your child will most likely want to select the cakes and cookies to put on their plate? It is so true when they say "out of sight out of mind"!  Our minds are programmed to select from the choices we see in front of us.  The bowl of sweet grapes  often does not stand a fair chance when it is placed in between a plate of hot fudge brownies and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  Now try placing a bowl of sweet grapes, a mixed berry (strawberries & blueberries) fruit bowl, with low-fat yogurt dip, and low-fat pudding parfait on the counter as your choices.  Now we are setting up choices for our children that will end in a healthier choice result.  The bottom line is, if you keep healthier alternative foods readily available for your children to select from, they will always have the advantage of making a healthier choice!

And yet another way to make kids eat healthy food, is if they made it themselves! RLS offers a Virtual Cooking Class in which kids get to make all sorts of fun and healthy food items and snacks.

What's your kid's favorite healthy alternative snack or dessert?