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21 December 2021

The Importance Of Pediatric Eyecare

With the advent of electronic devices like televisions, computers, gaming stations and other gadgets, today’s kids are more hooked to the monitors like never before. And when you add normal daily activities like reading, writing, painting etc. with ...

17 November 2021

Welcome All Future Piano Players to Our New "Learn How To Play Piano" Online Class

Does your kid dream of being a piano player? But, perhaps because of COVID, or perhaps because of the busy life we otherwise have, there was no opportunity for them to take piano lessons? Well now is the chance, with's new Online ...

1 November 2021

Getting Kids to Eat Healthy

Did you ever notice after a dinner at home or a party if there is fruit on the table along with all the tempting delicious sweet cakes and cookies that your child will most likely want to select the cakes and cookies to put on their plate? It is so true ...

25 October 2021

Red Ribbon and Anti-Bullying Week

Schools across the nation are encouraged to observe Red Ribbon Week and Bully Prevention Month during the week of October 25-29, 2021. The goal is to educate and raise awareness of students in all grades, with grade level appropriate activities ...

11 October 2021

McDonald's Offering Free Educator Meal to Teachers, Administrators, and School Staff

Attention all educators! From Monday, Oct 11 through Friday, Oct 15, Mc'Donald's is offering a free breakfast thank you meal. Educators, including teachers, administrators, and school staff, can present a valid work ID at the restaurant or at the drive-thru ...

3 October 2021

Teacher Shortages: New Pressures on Middle Level Schools

Who could have imagined a teacher shortage? Just a few short years ago, graduates from teacher education programs were doing all kinds of jobs that couldn’t be further removed from their years of preparation. One wry joke that circulated among ...

27 September 2021

Types and Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)

Does your child fail to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in school works or other activities? Does your child have difficulty sustaining attention in any task or even in playing games? Most importantly have you noticed some form ...

25 September 2021

Benefits of Online Ballet Classes for Children

Kids love dancing! And one of the more popular dance class for kids is the Ballet class. There are many benefits of taking online ballet classes for children. My daughter has taken ballet classes since she was 7 years old, and she has been enjoying them ...

13 September 2021

Kids Virtual Cooking Class Information

Now, with the new virtual cooking classes offered by, your children can learn how to channel their inner-chef! With online instruction from our skilled teachers, young chefs get to chop, mix and roll their way to a ...