How do I purchase a gift certificate?

Purchasing the gift certificate is easy. Just go to the order page and fill in the details, including a personalized message that will appear in the certificate. Takes just a few minutes to order!

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Who does this make a good gift for?

Anybody with kids! We've had people gift it to:
  • Their kids
  • Grandkids
  • Relatives/Siblings/Uncle/Aunt/Cousin/Nephew
  • Friends
  • Boss
  • Co-workers
Any family will appreciate this thoughtful gift!

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What occasion is the gift membership good for?

This gift is extremely popular for Christmas, but it's also good all-year long for holidays and occasions such as:
  • Birthdays
  • Bar-Mitzvahs
  • Father's/Mother's Day
  • New Job/Promotion
  • Hanukkah
  • QuinceaƱeras
And any time you want to gift a meaningful present as a Thank You, no matter the occasion!

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Does the certificate expire?

The certificate never expires.

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How will the recipient redeem the certificate?

Each certificate contains a unique code which can be redeemed at our website,

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Will the recipient have to pay any other fees?

The certificate grants a Lifetime Homeschool Pro™ membership. The recipient will never have to pay any other fees or charges.

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How is the certificate delivered?

This is a digital certificate (e-gift card) and will be delivered through email.

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How much does it cost?

Please see the order page for current pricing.

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Will the certificate be emailed to me (the purchaser), or to the recipient?

When you purchase the certificate, you will be able to choose whether to email it directly to the recipient, or email it to you instead, so that you can personally email it to the recipient, or print it and gift it in person.

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Can I schedule the certificate to be sent at a later date?

Yes, you can schedule the certificate to be sent to the recipient at any date in the future (for example birthday, Christmas Day, etc.)

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Who will benefit from the certificate?

Any family with one or more kids. The membership will cover all kids in the family.

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What ages is the program for?

THe program is best suited for kids ages 5-17. The certificate covers all kids in the family and never expires, so even if one of the kids in the family is too young, they will still benefit from the program and can be added once they are ready to start!

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Is this gift also good for non-homeschooling families?


The Homeschool Pro™ membership gives access to many classes not found in public schools, and will boost and enrich kids' regular education. The program is flexible and can be taken at the kid's own schedule as much or as little as they want without any time commitment. It never interferes with their regular school.

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What type of classes does the membership grant access to?

The Homeschool Pro™ membership grants access to our full curriculum. This includes core classes (such as Science, Math, ELA) as well as many other classes not offered at public schools. For example, we have many second language classes (such as Spanish, French, and Korean), musical instrument classes (such as Guitar, Piano, and Trumpet) and many other extracurriculuar classes, so every kid can find classes that they are excited about.

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Do I need to purchase a separate membership for each kid in the family?

No! One membership covers the entire family

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I misspelled a name when ordering the gift certificate, how do I correct it?

If you made any mistakes when ordering the certificate, just email us at so that we can correct it and re-issue the certificate.

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What is the refund policy?

As long as the gift certificate hasn't been redeemed, we can issue you a full refund.

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Is the certificate transferable?

The certificate can be transferred, as long as the code has not been redeemed.

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Are my payment details secure?

All credit and debit card payments are processed securely by PayPal, one of the world's largest and most trusted online payment processors. Payments take place over a secure, encrypted connection, and we do not store or record your card details on our servers.

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How does the gift certificate look like?

You will be able to choose a style for your certificate. Since last year, we've added 11 more styles for a total of 15 amazing certificate designs! These include designs for various occasions such as Christmas, Birthday, and more.

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What designs are available to choose from?

Choose from 15 amazing designs:


Ornamental Gold


Birthday Cake

Birthday Cupcake

Christmas Snow

Christmas Present

Christmas Lights

Christmas Flora






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Can I include a custom message in the certificate?

Yes, when you place your order, you will be given the chance to enter a personalized message to be included on the gift certificate.

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Will they like this gift? Maybe I should just buy the latest toy...

Our gift membership is a very popular gift, and is loved by parents and kids alike, because it is both educational and fun. Our classes not only boost the academic performance of kids in the family, but also includes tons of special interest and extracurricular activities such as musical instruments, second languages, martial arts, and more. For example, one family told us that after receiving the gift and when their kid saw he had access to guitar lessons, he started learning the guitar and became very good at it, and enjoys playing it a lot. Whatever the kids are interested in, we have a class for it! Parents appreciate the educational value of the gift, since it's a gift that will keep on giving for as long as their kids are in school. So, why buy a toy which a kid will get bored and toss after a week, when you can buy a Homeschool Pro™ lifetime membership instead?

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The recipient did not receive the gift certificate.

If you opted to have the certificate emailed directly to the recipient, but they did not receive it, tell them to check the junk/spam folder in case it landed there. Also, we always send you (the purchaser) a copy, so you can forward the gift certificate to them. You can always email us at and we will be happy to re-send the email to you or to the recipient.

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What format is the gift certificate in?

The gift card is sent in PDF format, which can be opened by any browser as well as printed if you want to hand them the certificate personally.

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I have some other questions.

Email our dedicated gift membership department at and we will respond within 24 hours.

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