A RemoteLearning.school Gift Membership is the top educational gift for any occasion.

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  • This is the best gift you can give to your kids, grandkids, relatives, brother/sister, uncle/aunt, friends, co-workers, boss, or anyone who has kids.
  • Great educational and thoughtful gift for Birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Christmas, Hanukkah, or for any other occasion.
  • The RLS membership is good for all kids in the family, and there won't be fighting about which kid got the best gift - because they all did!
  • Parents will appreciate the membership that grants their kids access to thousands of classes and activities to enrich their education.
  • This gift grants a full lifetime membership, so it does not expire and thus recipients never have to renew with their own money. And everything is included!
  • This isn't some toy that the kid will get bored with and toss out after a week. This gift lasts kids throughout the school years, and they will continue to reap the benefits for long after.
  • Digital Certificate - don't worry about shipping, certificate will be emailed to recipient. You can also set a specific date (such as birthday) for the certificate to be emailed.
  • Our gift certificate never expires.
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Choose from 15 amazing designs:


Ornamental Gold


Birthday Cake

Birthday Cupcake

Christmas Snow

Christmas Present

Christmas Lights

Christmas Flora