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Jacob Carson

My name is Jacob, and I am the Kids Education Enrichment Program (K.E.E.P) coordinator at

My daughter (age 6) is at first grade and is currently taking zoom classes from her regular school, and supplementing them with the classes at

I also have a passion for writing, and I hope you will find my blog posts useful and that everyone learns something from them!

8 October 2021

The Importance Of Pediatric Eyecare

With the advent of electronic devices like televisions, computers, gaming stations and other gadgets, today’s kids are more hooked to the monitors like never before. And when you add normal daily activities like reading, writing, painting etc. with ...

3 October 2021

Teacher Shortages: New Pressures on Middle Level Schools

Who could have imagined a teacher shortage? Just a few short years ago, graduates from teacher education programs were doing all kinds of jobs that couldn’t be further removed from their years of preparation. One wry joke that circulated among ...

1 July 2021

Online Trumpet Course Information has recently introduced the Online Trumpet Class, part of its musical instrument courses curriculum. The course is open to all enrolled students. Learning to play a musical instrument as a child has a lot of benefits, and ...

28 June 2021

Reasons for your child to learn Mandarin Chinese

A kid who learns and is fluent in more than one language, and it does not matter what that language is, can enjoy many benefits, including improvement in cognitive, social, and emotional development. The teachers here at ...

11 May 2021 Reviews - Moms, Dads, and Kids Just Love Our Program!

When choosing which school or program to enroll your child too, it is always important to look at reviews from other parents. While you will always hear from staff how wonderful our program is, we don't want you to just take our ...

7 April 2021

Kid Inventor Challenge 2021

Invention is the art of innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and inspiration - all of which we like to encourage here at We are therefore proud to announce the annual Kid Inventor Challenge contest to empower our students to dream ...

31 October 2020

Halloween 2020 Costume Contest Winners

We are delighted to announce's Halloween 2020 Costume Contest Winners! We thank everyone who participated in our 2020 Halloween Costume Contest. Overall, it was a great success, and we received 327 entries from 206 different ...